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Ace Norton


Ace Norton

Ace Norton (yes, that’s his real name) is an artist and filmmaker born and raised in Venice, California. Ace creates visuals on a variety of media platforms including music video, advertising, fashion, and film. He also draws, sculpts and is frequently commissioned for his installation and photography work.

A third generation filmmaker in his family, Ace would spend most of his childhood making films and by the end of his high school career, he had written and directed dozens of shorts. Ace attended the University of Southern California in their film production program, and shortly after started a small production company out of his garage with a number of his closest film school friends called, Commondeer, then shortly thereafter signed to Partizan and subsequently Prettybird.

Since then, Ace has directed over eighty music videos, television commercials, fashion short, and short films. His prolific body of work includes campaigns for Honda, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Gucci, Samsung, as well as music videos for Foster the People, Jennifer Lopez, Simian Mobile Disco, and Sebastien Tellier. Ace’s work has been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, and Highsnobiety regarded him as one of the "Best 10 Directors Working Today".  Ace loves to surf, loves to cook, and loves to solicit his best friends to write his biographies for him...

Ace is signed to Commondeer.


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