Current Openings


Music Video Director's Agent

Reprobates is looking for a full time dedicated Music Video Director’s Agent to join their expanding team.

Reporting to Director’s Agent Doug Klinger, your job will be to represent some of the US’s foremost music video directors, directly liaising between them, their production companies, and major/independent record labels.

Sounds awesome, right? Well it is! But you’ll definitely need to possess some outstanding qualities to make it work. Most importantly, you have to be extremely passionate about music and music videos. You should have an innate understanding of current trends in music, both commercial and underground. It’s also essential to have an eye for creativity and an awareness of relevant art-forms such as photography, films, fashion, and VR. An interest in advertising is also a plus but not essential. Connections within the music video industry at any level (with directors, labels, or production companies), is also a huge bonus. 

The ideal candidate will also be savvy with social media and value its importance as a marketing tool, with a love for creative writing and a good sense of humor. They will also possess exceptional communication skills whether via the phone, in writing, or in person. You will be expected to correspond directly with clients as well as attend various events and meetings at record labels, and therefore social skills and confidence are definitely required.

The more boring stuff. An incredible sense of organisation at all levels is absolutely essential, as you will be managing the careers of a large number of creatives and you must be able to do so with the utmost of professionalism. You will need to be hard-working and be ready for working to tight deadlines. Quick responses back to clients are vital and you will have a sense of motivation and enthusiasm.

Reprobates has been active within the industry for close to 6 years. It’s UK counterpart OB Management has been active close to 10 years and has actively played a role in developing some of the UK’s most proficient music video talent. OB's business has since expanded to representation in advertising, as well as photographers, designers, and illustrators through its sister company Probation. 

If you're interested and based in L.A. we’d love to hear from you!