François Rousselet


François Rousselet

François Rousselet was part of the famous Jonas & François duo. His music video career began in 2007 with promos for french electro label Ed Banger Records with Justice, and also artists like Kavinsky.

François is best known for his slick promos for artists including Kanye West, Madonna, Iggy Azalea, Jack White, Justice, Depeche Mode and more recently Snoop Dogg.

With an eye for detail, colors and pretty straightforward concepts, his stylish videos cleverly play off the obsession with pop culture references. He won two MTV Video Music Awards & three UK Music Awards among a nomination for the Grammy Awards. In 2015 he also wins an MTV music award for Best Art Direction for his clip "So Many Pros" by Snoop Dogg.

Most recently he directed a video for the Rolling Stones “Ride Em On Down”, starring the actress Kristen Stewart.

François is signed to Division


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