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Matthew Palmer


Matthew Palmer

Matthew is a director based in Los Angeles. He fell in love with film at the age of twelve when his mother showed him Fargo for the first time. After graduating from NYU, he made several award-winning documentaries and branded content pieces. His short film One Week In April was selected as part of the 2017 Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase and screened around the world. Matthew approaches each project with a passion for visual storytelling and an eye for the subtleties of human nature. His inspirations include coffee, cabins, old people, young people, canines (dogs and teeth), Restrepo, bourbon, Mark Twain, offensive tattoos, blueberries, Diner, rivers, New York City, mirrors, Tom Waits, dopplegängers, railroads, Werner Herzog, pop art, symmetry, asymmetry, crosswords, and four-letter words.

Matthew is signed to Little Ugly.


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