Miles Jay


Miles Jay

In just a few years, Miles Jay has quickly become one of the freshest and most celebrated young commercial and music video directors. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Miles grew up in a filmmaking family and found that he had a natural ability for storytelling. Taking pride in presenting pure, human stories in a stunningly cinematic lens, Miles’ films evoke a genuine sense of awe, while always rooted in a strong sense of reality.

Miles is a director who is comfortable telling stores and conveying emotion through his work in all mediums.  While his talent is a natural fit for traditional cinematic filmmaking, Miles relishes telling stories in the interactive world and has an inherent understanding, passion, and interest in non-traditional story.

His video for Leon Bridges, "River" has won numerous awards, including SXSW Film Fest's, Best Music Video, Jury Award. Miles Jay is currently living in Brooklyn. 

Miles is signed to Smuggler.


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