Everything Everything 'Can't Do' Directed by Holly Blakey

For Everything Everything ‘Can’t Do’ Holly loved the idea of creating something dark, a horror film of sorts to harness the energy of the track in another light. She wanted to use dirt, creating a world seemingly locking it’s characters inside... it felt fitting due to the current political climate to create an inescapable place, more and more people being reborn, turning into things they never imagined. The band are represented in the form of masks which add to the surreal feel of the film. Executive Producer Mary Calderwood said “it was wonderful being supported by Elizabeth Doonan at Sony and the band were amazing to collaborate with.”

Kim Jarrett
Declan McKenna 'Barefoot in Brazil' Directed by Christine Yuan

Spearheaded by ASOS’ project ASOS Supports Talent, ’Barefoot in Brazil’ is a unique insight into the music scene within the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. Christine Yuan & Declan McKenna travelled around the city spending time with the different artists they found, interviewing them about their musical processes and ways of life to create this youthful documentary.

Kim Jarrett
End of the World 'One More Night' Directed by Zac Ella

One More Night is an alternative coming of age story told through the eyes of an adorable Plastic Bag.  What starts as an homage to cult classic American Beauty quickly takes a fun-loving u-turn into the absurd as we follow Plastic Bag's quest to find his one true love… for ONE MORE NIGHT featuring a cameo from DNCE as well.

Kim Jarrett
Mabel 'Bedroom' Directed by Holly Blakey

LEZ are proud to share Holly Blakey’s latest directional venture with a surreal video for Mabel Mcvey’s new single ‘Bedroom’. The pair’s most recent collaboration sees Mabel performing with her female squad, suspended 20ft in the air on a floating bed. The sweet ethereal setting matched with the deep urban lyricism create an electric combination and pave way for a new and unexpected direction for the artist. 

Kim Jarrett
Tinashe 'Flame' Directed by Andrew Donoho

Andrew Donoho creates a stunning, cinematic video for Tinashe's new single "Flame." Balancing two distinct narratives that take place in the same house, Andrew tells the story of love by day and revenge by night, anchored by striking effects and a fiery performance from Tinashe. 

Kim Jarrett
Alexandra Savior "Mirage" Directed by Irrum
irrum music video.jpg

Mirage directed by Irrum, explores a performer battling different realisations of herself. Alexandra Savior, shy and reluctant to the stage, is haunted by her alter ego 'Anne-Marie' a brazen 1920s Hollywood vixen.

Doug Klinger