New Video: Missio "I See You" Directed by Ben Fee

A note from director Ben Fee

I think from treatment to delivery was just about a month. It came together so quickly. I heard the song and immediately started writing. "I See You" has this haunting, otherworldly, melancholy about it. It's also very beautiful. I wanted to take these feelings and put them on screen. I'd like to venture a guess that most people have felt like they're observing the human race from another plane of existence. Like they aren't quite part of it all. Regardless of how distant humans may feel, there is always another creature out there riding your frequency. And they totally get you. There's probably many. But all it takes is that one!

For being so quick, I couldn't believe how smooth this entire process was. The band was so supportive of every decision that was made. They are super sweet humans, and exactly what you'd want in a creative collaborator. I was able to pull in my favoritest filmmaker folks too, and we tossed all our hearts and brains in this for an amazing trek through the pacific northwest with some lovely fuzzy buddies!

leah younesi
New Video: Caleb Steph "Trapped" Directed by Andrew Donoho

A note from director Andrew Donoho

In "Trapped," I wanted to capture a series of visceral and claustrophobic motifs to match Caleb's frenzied lyrical power, then take the audience through an uncomfortable 16mm fever dream translating Caleb's social, political, and personal experiences into imagery.

leah younesi
New Video: Samm Henshaw "Church" Directed by Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada

A note from the directors’ Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada:

With "Church," we wanted to find a way to represent Samm’s energy and storytelling in a way that felt spiritual and upbeat, without coming across as heavy-handed or preachy. The first image that came into mind was the idea of Samm floating on a cloud, which evolved into him heading to church on a cloud board (with a little nod to Dragon Ball Z). We wanted to pay tribute to Samm’s upbringing, so we added a nod to his past with the story of the boy and his mom in a full sprint on their way to Church. Earthgang bring such a completely different yet totally complimentary vibe to the track, so once we had the cloud, the idea of Doc and Venus hurling down to earth on comets seemed like a natural progression story.

leah younesi
New Video: LANY "Thick And Thin" Directed by Isaac Ravishankara

A note from director Isaac Ravishankara:

The video is a story about former lovers. A girl thinking, about an ex, and needing to get away from everyone else and find solitude at a sunset beach. While the guy surreally follows her journey - from the back of her car and down to the sand, until ultimately letting her go.

The idea of capturing the video in a single, uncut shot was introduced as a way to celebrate both the magic and the moment in time. And when I introduced the concept to Paul, he was immediately on board - we were going to find a way to do this for real.

What came next was a nearly month-long search for the perfect route: a starting location, a west-facing highway, and a journey to the beach that could be timed out to the structure of the song. Getting what felt like a thousand permits and clearing a million logistical hurdles. And figuring out a way for Paul to be able to safely remain on the car as it gets from point A to B at way too fast of a speed.

The final result is a nearly five minute shot, covering more than 2 miles driving at over 40 mph. No stitching, no painting, no special effects. It took a ton of effort from a ton of amazing people collaborating to pull this off - and we hope that when you watch it, you don't notice any of it and just get lost in the moment.

leah younesi