Jack White 'Connected by Love' Directed by Pasqual Guiterrez

Pasqual Guiterrez delicately weaves 3 emotionally charged vignettes existing in different places, all living in a time of uncertainty and mounting fear in Jack White's "Connected by Love". While these storylines never directly interact with one another, Pasqual shows each walk of life coming to grips with the unknown in different ways - poetic, tragic, intimate, full of redemption, and the ultimate acceptance of life’s greatest unknown.

Kim Jarrett
JAY-Z ft. Gloria Carter 'Smile' Directed by Miles Jay

Smuggler director Miles Jay presents a moving short film for JAY-Z’s latest “Smile”. Written by Miles, the video is a visually magnificent piece inspired by the emotional experiences of Gloria Carter, JAY-Z’s mother.

Set in Brooklyn in the 1970s, the video explores Gloria living in the shadows as she is forced to hide her homosexuality. We see her flourishing relationship with her female neighbour, which develops into a budding sexuality that can never be realised. Backgrounded by the social and economic pressures of the time, the two women sacrifice living their truths for the betterment of their children.

A young Shawn Carter witnesses the vulnerability in his mother for the first time and through her pain learns to smile through adversity. JAY-Z’s lyricism concludes with a poem written by Gloria in which she unveils her homosexuality for the first time, revealing the insight of her experience.

Smile is a special and personal film, rendered compassionately by Miles Jay and expertly photographed by Stuart Winecoff.

Kim Jarrett
Au/Ra 'Outsiders' Directed by Jo Roy

Ibiza-born and Antigua-raised singer Au/Ra drops her debut video "Outsiders," shot on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, BC and directed by a new talent to the Reprobates family. Filmmaker, dancer, and choreographer Jo Roy.

Kim Jarrett
Benjamin Booker 'Believe' Directed by James Lees

New Orleans-based artist Benjamin Booker has shared the music video for his song “Believe.” In the clip, directed by James Lees, Booker plays a soldier who undergoes military training. Lees said in a statement, “We wanted to create something inherently musical and entertaining whilst still being a meditation on the themes within the song. Being lost and directionless and the inherent human need to find a sense of belonging.” [Pitchfork]

Kim Jarrett