New Video: Samm Henshaw "Church" Directed by Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada

A note from the directors’ Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada:

With "Church," we wanted to find a way to represent Samm’s energy and storytelling in a way that felt spiritual and upbeat, without coming across as heavy-handed or preachy. The first image that came into mind was the idea of Samm floating on a cloud, which evolved into him heading to church on a cloud board (with a little nod to Dragon Ball Z). We wanted to pay tribute to Samm’s upbringing, so we added a nod to his past with the story of the boy and his mom in a full sprint on their way to Church. Earthgang bring such a completely different yet totally complimentary vibe to the track, so once we had the cloud, the idea of Doc and Venus hurling down to earth on comets seemed like a natural progression story.

leah younesi
New Video: LANY "Thick And Thin" Directed by Isaac Ravishankara

A note from director Isaac Ravishankara:

The video is a story about former lovers. A girl thinking, about an ex, and needing to get away from everyone else and find solitude at a sunset beach. While the guy surreally follows her journey - from the back of her car and down to the sand, until ultimately letting her go.

The idea of capturing the video in a single, uncut shot was introduced as a way to celebrate both the magic and the moment in time. And when I introduced the concept to Paul, he was immediately on board - we were going to find a way to do this for real.

What came next was a nearly month-long search for the perfect route: a starting location, a west-facing highway, and a journey to the beach that could be timed out to the structure of the song. Getting what felt like a thousand permits and clearing a million logistical hurdles. And figuring out a way for Paul to be able to safely remain on the car as it gets from point A to B at way too fast of a speed.

The final result is a nearly five minute shot, covering more than 2 miles driving at over 40 mph. No stitching, no painting, no special effects. It took a ton of effort from a ton of amazing people collaborating to pull this off - and we hope that when you watch it, you don't notice any of it and just get lost in the moment.

leah younesi
Rosalía "BAGDAD (Cap.7: Liturgia)" Directed by Helmi

In "BAGDAD (Cap.7: Liturgia)," directed by Helmi, Rosalía is found distraught in a bathroom as her tears fill up the space with sadness. The video is a beautiful dedication, as Rosalía puts it, "to all those who were heartbroken and drowned in their sorrow."

leah younesi