New Video: Samm Henshaw "Church" Directed by Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada

A note from the directors’ Chris Muir & Carlos Lopez Estrada:

With "Church," we wanted to find a way to represent Samm’s energy and storytelling in a way that felt spiritual and upbeat, without coming across as heavy-handed or preachy. The first image that came into mind was the idea of Samm floating on a cloud, which evolved into him heading to church on a cloud board (with a little nod to Dragon Ball Z). We wanted to pay tribute to Samm’s upbringing, so we added a nod to his past with the story of the boy and his mom in a full sprint on their way to Church. Earthgang bring such a completely different yet totally complimentary vibe to the track, so once we had the cloud, the idea of Doc and Venus hurling down to earth on comets seemed like a natural progression story.

leah younesi