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Pasqual Gutierrez


Pasqual Gutierrez

Pasqual grew up on the backside of LA in the strange town of Walnut. As a little panchito, he wasn't very mobile, so he took up a whole lot of reading, drawing, and watching movies. He pursued film at a privileged private school in a privileged city (Orange, CA) was interesting. He found his first true love: documentary filmmaking. Together he made his first doc about East LA and its vibrant, proud community, challenging its many negative stigmas. He broke into the industry at a young age shooting commercials and hybrid docs, but with the help of his support group (Whitelist.) He stayed afloat. He strives to tell the stories of others, the stories of people and cultures that often aren't heard, that are often left behind in the streets or in small neighborhoods. 

Pasqual is signed to Godless.


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