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Sing J Lee

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Sing J Lee

Sing J Lee is an independent music video and commercial Director. Sing is also a Creative Director for Mamag Studios with his wife, Mamag founder and fellow Creative Director, Sylvia Zakhary.

Sing’s work explores social and cultural commentary in often surreal universes as seen in his pieces for Tchami, Anaïs, and Migos. 

Having performed music for several years, Sing returned to other artistic disciplines, studying Illustration and Animation in Manchester, UK, before making his first two multi-award winning short films and a BFI award winning animated music video that established Sing as a director before graduating. He followed up with directing several breakout music videos for groups Chvrches, Charli XCX, Years & Years, Zayn, and Halsey amongst others, picking up nominations at the Brit Awards and MTV VMAs for his efforts. 

Most recently, Sing directed the Google Pixel 3 spot with Mamag Studios and Royalty, co-directed and starring Donald Glover that aired during the 61st Grammy Awards. 



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