William Laboury


William Laboury

William Laboury studied at "La Fémis" the most famous french cinema school. He has directed three short films. His film "Hotaru", which was award-winning in many festivals, is a science-fiction tale about the memories and dreams of a sleeping young woman. "Fais le Mort" refers to a group of teenagers passionate by home made weapons. His last short, "Chose Mental", tackles the theme of virtual reality via the practice of astral travel.

His first music video for Bonnie Banane, "L’appétit" received the Newcomer Award at the UK Music Video Awards 2017.
He directed a music video for Agar Agar in 2017 called "Fangs out".

He is working on his first feature film and on his next short film.

William is signed to Division


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